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About BeauteSchool

About BeauteSchool

BeauteSchool was established to give passionate and motivated people, like you, an opportunity to advance your knowledge, skills and career in the beauty industry. Designed by training and development experts and recognized by major brands and retailers, BeauteSchool online courses and resources provide you with the training and information you need to succeed in the industry.

Whether you’re new or an experienced practitioner, we’re here for you. We are passionate about what we do and strive to provide you with a community that will give you the resources and inspiration you need to help you succeed.

Sounds fabulous? Then JOIN US today and become part of a community making their mark in the beauty industry!

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Meet Mickey Tortorelli, CTDP
CEO And Founder

Mickey Tortorelli A training pioneer in the beauty industry for the past 35 years, Mickey is recognized for her stewardship of award winning, innovative training and education programs for the top brands in North America. Honored with a Gold Award For Training Excellence by the Canadian Society of Training and Development for her online training programs, Mickey is in high demand as a training and development expert, keynote speaker and facilitator. She has trained over 25,000 Beauty and Fragrance Advisors in Canada alone and continues to motivate, coach and mentor advisors to achieve excellence in their careers.

A Word From Mickey

Training and coaching Beauty Advisors is my passion. As a veteran in the beauty industry, I know how important the role of a Beauty or Fragrance advisor is to the success of a brand. A successful Beauty Advisor is an ambassador - one who possesses the knowledge, skills, confidence and the drive to succeed.

BeauteSchool has been created for you. I’m thrilled to bring this revolutionary platform to the beauty industry. BeauteSchool is your community for learning, sharing and inspiring you to be fabulous at what you do.

I welcome you to BeauteSchool. With your input and involvement in our community, I look forward to developing a beauty training resource that helps you achieve your full potential and success in our industry.

Mickey Tortorelli
“Was nice to have a fun refresher of all the fragrances. Because I was reintroduced again to some fragrances it helped me get excited to share my new knowledge with customers.”
Beauty Advisor
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