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BeauteSchool understands the importance of a knowledgeable, motivated beauty advisor and their impact on the success of a brand. Reaching and training all beauty advisors, regardless of geography is becoming more challenging than ever before.

With thousands of product launches, a greater level of technical detail, increased turnover and reduced budgets, product knowledge training is no longer optional; it’s a mandatory requirement for brand success.

We understand your challenges and have designed award winning online product knowledge training programs that are effective, interactive, measurable and help your brand succeed.

BeauteSchool will help you reach your brand sales potential in 10 ways.

10 Reasons Why Top Beauty Brands Choose BeauteSchool
Reason 1 Our online product knowledge courses help you achieve your sales goals.

Product knowledge is the primary driver of brand recommendation and sales. BeauteSchool will help you achieve your sales goals by making your product knowledge training available to anyone and anywhere your brand is sold.

Reason 2 Learning at the speed of need.

Waiting for brand seminars training is no longer a barrier to sales performance. Our revolutionary online training courses are easily accessible when your Beauty Advisors are ready to learn. Reach ALL Beauty Advisors, whether they’re new, existing, freelance or your own company staff, regardless of location.

Reason 3 Our courses are easy, fast, effective and award winning too.

Developed by learning and development experts and praised by our members, BeauteSchool’s award winning courses engage learners with key brand knowledge they can use on the floor to help them recommend and sell your products. Customer scenarios, role plays, self tests and quizzes ensure that the content is relevant, interactive and helps assess content retention.

Reason 4 Branded, consistent message.

We ensure the integrity of your brand is maintained in the courses we develop for you. The more consistent your brand message the more magnetic its power of attraction.

Reason 5 1000’s of satisfied learners.

Over 10,000 beauty and fragrance advisors have completed BeauteSchool’s online product knowledge courses. Full time, part time, seasonal, freelance; our members are passionate about their work and thirsty for knowledge. BeauteSchool is the place to find it.

“The online course has been extremely helpful with information to use in selling of the fragrances also love the history behind Chanel Great!!”
Fragrance Advisor
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Reason 6 Measurable results.

BeauteSchool will provide you with detailed learner reports so you can measure results and watch your bottom line grow.

Reason 7 Reduce your training budget and save trees.

Providing online product knowledge training will help reduce your training budget. Updates are fast and affordable. Get new product launch information out to beauty advisors when they need it. No binders, no postage required.

We know the industry

Our CEO, Mickey Tortorelli, has significant experience in the beauty industry in Canada. In the last 35 years she has trained more than 25,000 beauty advisors and developed training programs for major retailers such as Hudson’s Bay, Sears Canada, Holt Renfrew and Shoppers Drug Mart. As well, clients such as Shiseido, CHANEL, Avène, NeoStrata and Coty Fragrances recognize the value of BeauteSchool and have developed online brand training to help achieve their sales goals.

“BeauteSchool has developed CHANEL’s first complete interactive fragrance e-learning program, with over 2,500 logged on learners to date.

As of today colleagues from the U.K, the U.S and Europe have stood up and taken notice to, not only the quality, but that Mickey Tortorelli and her team “get it”. She understands education and how to teach.

I recognise the dedication and solid hard work her company puts in, and I anticipate many years of collaboration ”
Lucette Comire - Training Director, CHANEL Canada
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Reason 9 Your own branded learning portal.

BeauteSchool will develop your own branded learning portal where all your training and communication programs can reside. Just like classroom training, your own online learning portal makes it easy for Beauty Advisors to collaborate, share, ask questions, email, experience products, and assess their comprehension through pre and post tests.

Reason 10 We do it all.

We’ll save you time and money while providing you with all the support you need. Whether it’s French translation, audio voice-overs, product sampling, incentives, training needs analysis or a communications strategy for training, we can do it all.

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“I would like to say thank you for the CHANEL perfume that you sent me. It is encouraging to learn and sell CHANEL products and because I have the perfume I use it and I can sell it easier and with confidence.”
Beauty Advisor
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