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You are extremely passionate about the fine art of beauty and want to excel in the industry. You won’t settle for being at the back of the class. You want to be the best you can be and advance quickly, but also understand you need the proper brand training and tools to elevate your strengths and fill in any gaps you are missing. BeauteSchool will help you with the training and resources you need to succeed. Join our growing community of beauty practitioners, just like you.

Be Even More Fabulous.

With the latest in training tutorials and resources, BeauteSchool will put you at the top of the class.

Courses Are Free And Fast.

With ‘need to know’ knowledge and information; smart, simple and interactive, our product knowledge tutorials take less time to complete than touching up your mascara.

Do It Anywhere, Anytime, At Your Pace.

In the kitchen, the metro, in your jammies, 24/7. Learn where you want, when you want.

Everything You Need.

Articles, news, expert advice, inspiring videos and more. It’s all here.

Watch Your Career Soar To New Heights.

A confident and well-informed beauty practitioner is in high demand by leading brands. It’s time for you to shine!

Sounds fabulous? Then JOIN US today!

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“To me, Mickey Tortorelli develops and delivers effective, integrated, and approachable training programs that address the end user's full range of educational needs. Mickey Tortorelli works as a full-service partner. Acting as a consultant as well as a team player, with a willingness to understand and adapt to a client's evolving needs. Mickey is an expert in the field of training and education, keeping pace with industry best practices and methods, and effectively applying them to real business situations.”
Alicia Stammer
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