2015 COSA Finalists

October 20, 2015 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

The 2015 COSA Awards is just under a month away, and we have received the full list of Team and Individual award finalists below:


  • Hudson’s Bay, Chanel, Toronto, ON
  • Hudson’s Bay, Dior, Toronto, ON
  • Hudson’s Bay, Estée Lauder, Kelowna, BC
  • Hudson’s Bay, Lancôme, Winnipeg, MB
  • Hudson’s Bay, M.A.C, Nanaimo, BC
  • Pharmaprix, Montreal, QC
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, Calgary, AB
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, North York, ON
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, St. John’s, NL
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, Vancouver, BC
  • Sears, Lancôme, Sainte-Foy, QC



  • Sabine Abou-Jaoude, Sephora, Laval, QC
  • Sisi (Sisban) Alsabik, Sears, Lancôme, Guelph, ON
  • Jackie Azzopardi, Shoppers Drug Mart, Mississauga, ON
  • Sarah Balistoy-Mitten, Hudson’s Bay, Elizabeth Arden, Winnipeg, MB
  • Diane Beaudoin, Hudson’s Bay, Lancôme, Quebec, QC
  • Sue Blaine, Rexall, Beamsville, ON
  • Travis Blinkhorn, Shoppers Drug Mart, West Vancouver, BC
  • Marie-Eve Bourgault, Sephora, Quebec, QC
  • Anita Braam-Marshall, Hudson’s Bay, Fragrances, London, ON
  • Kathryn Brennan, Sears, Fragrances, Belleville, ON
  • Liu Carvajal, Sephora, Calgary, AB
  • Melanie Charalambous, Shoppers Drug Mart, Bowmanville, ON
  • Cindy Chen, Hudson’s Bay, Chanel, Toronto, ON
  • Mark-Olivier Chiasson, Hudson’s Bay, Shiseido, Montreal, QC
  • Philippe Côté, Lancôme, Brossard, QC
  • Adrian Courian, Sephora, Markham, ON
  • Margaret Doplaga, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto, ON
  • Lauren Driscoll, Murale, Ottawa, ON
  • Mai Lan Duong, Hudson’s Bay, Lancôme, Toronto, ON
  • Vicki Foster, Givenchy and Kenzo Fragrances, St. Albert, AB
  • Shannon Fougere, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dieppe, NB
  • Marie-France Fournier, Hudson’s Bay, Fragrances, Quebec, QC
  • Carole (Xiaoyu) Fu, Hudson’s Bay, Estée Lauder, Calgary, AB
  • Mattie Fulcher, Quadrant Cosmetics, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Amy Gatschene, Hudson’s Bay, M.A.C, Ottawa, ON
  • Marianne Giroux, Sephora, Quebec, QC
  • Mona Hamzic, Nordstrom, Clarins, Calgary, AB
  • Anna Haramule, Rexall, Waterloo, ON
  • Darcy Hartung, Shoppers Drug Mart, Calgary, AB
  • Chloe Hau, Hudson’s Bay, Chanel, Toronto, ON
  • Samantha Hoque, Sephora, Calgary, AB
  • Leslie Ann Iddison, Clarins, Laval, QC
  • Nannette Jeancart, Sears, Fragrances, Moose Jaw, SK
  • Taylor Johnston, Shoppers Drug Mart, Bowmanville, ON
  • Julie Jones, Sephora, Kitchener, ON
  • Charmaine Kinch, Hudson’s Bay, Clinique, Surrey, BC
  • Sandy Kring, Hudson’s Bay, Fragrances, Kelowna, BC
  • Sylvia Laurenzio, Murale, Ottawa, ON
  • Françoise Leclerc, Hudson’s Bay, Lancôme, Quebec, QC
  • Kena Li, Shoppers Drug Mart, Vaughan, ON
  • Jing Lin, Hudson’s Bay, Kiehl’s, Vancouver, BC
  • Jane Lo, Hudson’s Bay, Chanel, Toronto, ON
  • Huda Mahmud, Hudson’s Bay, Lancôme, London, ON
  • Christine Mann, Quadrant Cosmetics, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Marco Mazzuca, Hudson’s Bay, Fragrances, Toronto, ON
  • Jennifer McGowan, Hudson’s Bay, Chanel, Kelowna, BC
  • Fiona McGrath, Shoppers Drug Mart, Saint John, NB
  • Morgan McMullin, Shoppers Drug Mart, New Glasgow, NS
  • Sandra Mills, Hudson’s Bay, Fragrances, Scarborough, ON
  • Christine (Oi) Miu, Sears, Lancôme, North York, ON
  • Dave Morley, Hudson’s Bay, L’Oréal Fragrances, Edmonton, AB
  • Janet Morley, Shoppers Drug Mart, Truro, NS
  • Lorraine Morris, Sephora, Ottawa, ON
  • Daphne Morton, Shoppers Drug Mart, St. John’s, NL
  • Yoshiko Obas, Shoppers Drug Mart, Kanata, ON
  • Kara O’Kane, Smashbox, Calgary, AB
  • Jeffery Pearson, Sephora, Halifax, NS
  • Tracey Reddick, Rexall, Toronto, ON
  • Emily Rogers, Hudson’s Bay, Chanel, West Vancouver, BC
  • Katarina Sabo, Shoppers Drug Mart, London, ON
  • Seeta Samaroo, Hudson’s Bay, Parfums Givenchy, Etobicoke, ON
  • Clayton Sandoval, Clarins Canada, Laval, QC
  • Stephen Sardella, Shiseido Canada, Markham, ON
  • Josee Sechi, Rexall, Thorold, ON
  • Simonetta Simpson, Hudson’s Bay, Lancôme, Edmonton, AB
  • Manal Souraya, Smashbox, Calgary, AB
  • Carol Stoddard, Hudson’s Bay, Fragrances, Brampton, ON
  • Nunung Sumarni, Sears, Shiseido, Ottawa, ON
  • Kelly Tippin, Shoppers Drug Mart, Waterloo, ON
  • Sabrina Tremblay, Clarins Canada, Laval, QC
  • Solange Trudel, Jean Coutu, Lachenaie, QC
  • Mary Tsampiras, Shiseido Canada, Corporate Office, Markham, ON
  • Karen Tucker, Hudson’s Bay, L’Oréal Fragrances, Vancouver, BC
  • Kim Williams, Lancôme Canada, L’Oréal Academy, Toronto, ON
  • Gail Wright, Hudson’s Bay, Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden, Vernon, BC
  • Alice (Yaxian) Wu, Hudson’s Bay, Kiehl’s, Vancouver, BC

We're excited to share that some of our very own members have been selected in the list above and wanted to extend our Congratulations to them. We are so proud of your hard work and achievements and wish you all the best as the judges select the winners over the next month!

About the COSAs (Cosmetics Outstanding Service Awards)
Every year, Cosmetics magazine and leaders in the beauty industry come together to honour the outstanding customer service achievements of cosmeticians, beauty and fragrance advisors, demonstrators, trainers, vendor sales reps and drugstore/department store teams, drawing attention to the important (and often unrecognized) work they do.

Customer service is one of the most important factors determining the success or failure of a business. You can have a spectacular product, but if you can’t offer exceptional customer service, it won’t succeed. That’s why the remarkable achievements of these individuals are so important to the beauty industry. Their dedication inspires us all to offer even better service.

How the COSA Winners Are Chosen
To become a COSA winner, individuals and teams must first be nominated by a peer, vendor or retailer. For last year’s awards, we received more than 1,300 nominations for 17 award categories.

The judging panel reads each nomination, and selects their personal favourites from each category. The judges as a group then select the finalists.

The shortlisted individuals are mystery-shopped over a period of three weeks, each time by a different mystery shopper. Once the results are in, we have another meeting to select the winner in each category.

At the end of this process, the judges cast their secret ballot to choose the Overall Winner. This person is selected from the group of category winners. The judges don’t know who has been selected until the Overall Winner is announced at the awards gala.

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Hello mickey, i was woundering who was the finalist for the team award?
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