What's In Your Makeup Bag?
Packing what you’ll tote around with you all day is about choice and purpose. It’s a...
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Skin Beauty At Any Age
Do you ever feel baffled about the best skincare products to recommend to your customer based on...
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Tips to Flawless Foundation
First, you should identify the different types of formulas, textures and finishes of foundations...
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How To Achieve the Perfect Red Lip
Has there ever been a time when a red lip wasn’t on trend? Here’s how to ensure your...
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“Would like to see more companies get involved with BeauteSchool! We really need training and most of our companies will not send us to courses anymore due to the costs. We need to learn to grow. I am constantly trying to stay on top of new products and this really helped. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back for more.”
Cosmetic Manager
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