Back to Basics With Fragrance Notes

February 7, 2014 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

When selling fragrance the most important part is to be able to properly describe each note.  From there you can romanticize the fragrance and ensure your customer has a greater understanding of what it actually smells like.  Some notes are definitely more pronounced than others, at first, yet trail off – this is why fragrance has a tendency to smell much different hours later after first spritz.  Here are the basics when explaining a fragrance to your customer.

The top note:  On first spritz, the top note is what you smell immediately.

The heart/middle note:  Once the top notes have evaporated, you uncover the heart of the scent – the notes that last the longest.

The Base note:  The backbone of the scent, these notes sneak up on you and you normally don’t notice them until approximately 30 minutes after applying.  These notes provide depth and hold the overall theme of the scent. 

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