Men vs Women's Skin
June is most likely the month where Men's Skincare sales skyrockets, as Father's Day dra...
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Summer Scents For Men
With the weather getting warmer each day, it's also time for us to switch out the musky, woo...
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Men's Hairstyling 101
Men's hairstyles seem to be ever-evolving and to accompany these styles, an overwhelming amo...
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Skincare for Men
Women, without hesitation, will invest copious amounts of time and effort into their skin care r...
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Shaving Tips For Men
Men, whether they have a lot of facial hair or not, have all shaved at one point in their lives....
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Selling to Men
Men's grooming has expanded from a simple selection of shaving products to an array of male-...
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How to Combat Ingrown Hairs
A common concern for both men and women; ingrown hairs can be painful and cause tremendous disco...
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“Eucerin's Dermatological Skincare was successfully launched in Canada January, 2004. One key partner that insured the success of the launch was Mickey Tortorelli. Through a comprehensive and interactive training program, cosmeticians (beauty advisors) across Canada were trained on the new Eucerin products. We have seen Eucerin sales increase by 30% in selected drug stores following the training program! Thank you Mickey Tortorelli for being an invaluable partner!”
Nadia Dubuc
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