Clown Contouring Is No Joke

September 14, 2015 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

Many of you have probably seen the recent hype of clown contouring, where girls paint their faces with various cream products to resemble a clown. Although this looks silly at first, the products magically blend out to a beautifully flawless and contoured face - with no signs of clowning around!

We have to admit that technique is quite absurd, but there is method to this madness. YouTuber, BellaDeLune, was the first to adorn this clown face as another way to "extreme colour-correct, highlight and contour", which took the interweb by storm. Although this may seem intimidating to many, it simply puts colour theory and sculpting to work in an elaborate fashion.

By strategically placing colour correctors, and highlight and contour shades in the correct areas, you can easily achieve a beautiful final look after blending everything together. If your customers ever ask for your advice on clown contouring, here are a few tips you can give them:

  1. Use a primer
    With all the products that will be applied to the face, advise your customer to use a primer. Not only will it create a barrier to protect the skin from clogging with makeup, it also allows the makeup to last longer by keeping the products in place. The primer will also help blur and smoothen out any pores and dry patches for that velvety looking skin.
  2. Utilise colour theory
    Any discolouration can be counterbalanced to create an even and flawless complexion:
    Use orange under the eyes to help neutralise dark circles
    Use green to neutralise any redness
    Use pinks to add a healthy glow to the face
  3. Use the right products
    Although there are tutorials out there using orange lipsticks as a replacement for colour correctors under the eyes, you must warn your customers not to follow suit. Lip products used this way can be harmful as not all colours used in these products are safe for the eyes - stick to using products that are for the face and eyes!
  4. Use the right shades
    The same theory for highlighting and contouring still applies - help your customer pick out products that are 2 shades lighter and darker than their complexion for a natural look. You can adjust the colour range depending on how extreme the sculpted look they want is. Don't go too dark or too light though, as this would make the face appear dirty.
  5. Set the look
    With so many cream products applied to the face, make sure to remind your customer that setting their faces with a setting powder is important to keep everything from slipping and sliding around!

In the end, makeup is another form of art, with the face being the canvas. There are general guidelines that make techniques work, but there is always room for customization. Encourage your customers to be adventurous and try different clown faces to see what works best for them. The key is to have fun!

On a side note, you may want to put a disclaimer that clown contouring would be fun to try when time and products are in excess, but it would take too long to apply on a daily basis - not to mention how fast products would get used up!

What are your thoughts on clown contouring and what tips do you have for customers who want to try this technique? Let us know in the comments below!

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