Halloween Makeup for Work

October 19, 2015 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

Photo credit: Idda van Munster, Veronica Paige, Lukasz Piech Photography

Halloween has landed itself on a Saturday this year, but some of us may still have work - but such is the life of retail! For those of you who still want to do something fun but still work appropriate, we've compiled a few makeup looks you may want to try out!

Vintage Pin-up Girl

Winged liner, red lips, rosy cheeks and perfectly arched eyebrows - this vintage makeup look is bold but is still work appropriate. You can add a beauty mark on your cheek to complete the look. For a more modern look, you can jazz it up with a coloured liner above the black liner. Complete the look with a matching 50's hairstyle, and you're ready to go!

The Vampy Look

Porcelain skin, dark eyes, hollowed cheeks, vampy lips - the perfect combination for a hauntingly beautiful look. The best part is that the makeup intensity can be adjusted to accommodate for work requirements. We're loving Halhow elegant this look is while still being slightly spooky.

Forest Fairy

Pastel shadows, coral blush, cotton candy lips - if you're looking for a soft and whimsical look, this is perfect for you. You can change the pastel shadow colours to your liking and still maintain this look and feel. Use a pastel coloured brow tint and nature inspired hair accessories to complete this forest fairy look!

Do you already have a makeup look in mind for Halloween? We'd love to hear what ideas you have in the comments below!

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