How to fight fine lines and wrinkles?

February 3, 2014 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

How do I fight fine lines and wrinkles is a common question from customers, with a simple answer according to Genevieve Meneyan, National Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder Cosmetics: PREVENTION. She explains, “When it comes to aging, PREVENTION is the key!”

Every woman’s skin ages differently, and the process of aging is inevitable.  However, signs of aging can be increased. 80% of skin aging is caused by environmental damage and only 20% genetic factors. Within that 20% you also have to consider your customers habits and lifestyle. For example is she a smoker? A sun-worshiper? Has she used harsh cleansers? All of these factors play into the equation. To better prepare your customers skin for the natural process of aging, be sure to recommend using sunscreen daily, and lots of anti-oxidants to neutralize environmental damage.

Here are 5 skincare tips to help your customer combat signs of aging without seeking professional treatments:

CLEANSE: Suggest a gentle cleanser in the morning and evening; one formulated for their skin type. 

MOISTURIZE /HYDRATE: It’s essential that they moisturize day and night using a product formulated for their skin type.  For day, the ideal moisturizer has an SPF with Broad Spectrum protection and contains anti-oxidants. Also remind them to drink plenty of water!

SLEEP: There is a reason they call it “BEAUTY SLEEP!”

ANTI-OXIDANTS: Recommend serums and moisturizers rich in anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent pre-mature aging. With that, suggest your customer also eat their anti-oxidants; all those wonderful colorful berries are also amazing for our skin.

GET TO KNOW THEM: By building a relationship with you, the Beauty Expert they have all the latest tips and techniques they need to take years off their look. There is nothing like a good makeup and hair cut to make someone look younger!

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