Jim Hicks on Superior Service

February 3, 2014 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

By Kirk Brierley

Jim Hicks, publisher of Cosmetics Magazine knows a thing or two about the customer service industry!  

The man who pioneered the Cosmetics Outstanding Service Awards, over the years has been privy to a long list of names who have proven to be the best of the best at store level and behind the scenes.  So, who better to ask than Hicks to define superior service.

"For me superior customer service means exceeding my expectations. If someone goes above and beyond what is expected of them then they have provided great service. And of course the test of time is that customer will not only want to come back to the store, they will come back asking for you by name.

Still not entirely sure what he is looking for? Hicks reveals his rule of seven when it comes to excellent customer service: 

1. They have passion for what they do.

2. They know their products, and you can tell they have done their homework.

3. They can greet me by my first name.

4. They ask questions with interest and concern.

5. They always suggest add-on’s.

6. When possible they ask if I would like to sit down.

7. They always follow up to ensure I am happy with their service and the product.  

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