Tools of the Trade: Makeup Brushes

December 23, 2014 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli



Creating spectacular makeup application on your customer requires the needed skill and the help of essential tools of the trade like a good makeup brush set. selects the top makeup brushes that get you gorgeous results and keep your customers buying.


1. Foundation brush

Synthetic with short bristles, a foundation brush serves up flawless results every time.

  • Apply the foundation on the back of your hand, using it as an artist’s palette.
  • Dip the brush into the foundation and stroke on the skin for superior blend ability.
  • Use a sweeping motion for a more transparent result and a patting motion to achieve greater coverage.
  • Used with a concealer, this brush is ideal to help cover-up imperfections around the nose, chin and under the eyes.


2. Powder brush

This large sized brush has soft, natural or synthetic bristles that are full and long.

  • Your powder brush can be used for applying both loose and / or pressed powders to create a lovely transparent matte finish to the skin.
  • Plunge the powder brush in the face powder, tap the excess powder on the back of the hand and use long sweeping motions to apply.


3. Blush brush

A good blush brush is medium in size and should be made of natural bristles.

  • The size and shape are designed to give you the control you need for varied effects and bring life to your cheeks with colour.
  • Sweep the blush brush over your blush and apply to the apple of the cheeks, moving toward the hair line.


4. Sponge tip eye shadow brush

A small synthetic sponge tip that provides the intensity of colour you might be looking for.

  • The sponge tip applicator delivers colour in its opaque form.
  • Load the sponge tip applicator into any powdered eye shadow.
  • Using a patting motion, apply onto the lid where desired for intense colour and all out drama.
  • To soften the colour, follow with the eye shadow brush to blend the colour and create gradation of colour(s).


5. Eye shadow brush

This indispensible tool with soft-to-stiff natural bristles is designed to create seamless gradations of colour. The eye shadow brush applies eye shadow in a more transparent form due to its soft bristles.

  • Load the brush with your powdered eye shadow, tap the excess on the back of the hand and apply on the lid using a back and forth motion to get the best blended results. 


6. Eyeliner and brow liner brush

Small and angled with natural or synthetic bristles

  • This brush gives you the precision needed to create thick to thin, natural to avant-garde eyeliner using a wet-to-dry powder or a dry powder for a softer, more subtle line.
  • For eyebrows that are sparse, use a dry powder with a light hand in short, soft strokes.


7. Lip brush

A round flat tipped brush

  • Using a lip brush is the secret to long lasting lipstick wear.
  • Saturate the lip brush with your lip colour and starting from the outer corners of the mouth working towards the center will give you a more even distribution of colour and help create the proper proportion.
  • Use the tip of the brush to create more definition to the cupids bow and to ensure the lips are symmetrical.


Practice using your makeup brushes and experimenting with all of the uses each one has and presto! You'll create perfect, beautiful, makeup that will help you build your makeup sale.

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