Trend Alert: Strobing!

August 10, 2015 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

Trend Alert: Strobing!

Only a short while ago, face contouring was all the rage. But as all trends go, this contouring business has been swiftly ousted by the new strobing trend. Don't let this fancy term intimidate you because it really is just placing the focus on highlighting, giving a dewy, shimmery, youthful glow. This look can quickly turn into a sweaty look if not done correctly, so here are some tips you can give to your customers!

  1. Start with a well-prepped canvas
    One key component of strobing is starting with a perfect canvas. However, this does not mean that customer with troubled skin can't achieve this look! Advise your customer to exfoliate and use a brightening moisturiser before doing their makeup. Suggest the appropriate primer to give their skin a smoothened finish. For customers with oily skin, you can even suggest that they use a mattfying primer on their T-zone as well. With all this done, the next step would be to create a flawless canvas through correcting any red spots, uneven colouring or acne scars with concealer and foundation.
  2. Use a highlighter that compliments your customer's skin tone
    The name of the game is to create a natural sheen on the high points of the face. The wrong highlighter shade will give a frosted look and unless it was for a 90's party, nobody wants that! Here is a check list of skin tones and their complimentary highlight colours:

    • FAIR SKIN - Champagne tones
    • LIGHT-MEDIUM SKIN - Pink champagne tones
    • OLIVE SKIN - Golden tones
    • DARK SKIN - Teracotta tones

  3. Avoid over-applying the highlighter
    To avoid looking like a grease ball, the highlighter should only be applied to the high points of your customer's face, where light would naturally hit. You can help the customer enhance their features by using the highlighter along their temples, below their brow bones and around their eyes, on their cheekbones, down the bridge of their nose, and - everyone's favourite trick - above the cupid's bow! For customers who have oily skin, you can advise them to skip over their chin and forehead since it gives a natural shine already.
  4. Subtlety is key!
    Once the highlighter has been applied, ensure that any harsh edges are well blended into the face to give a subtle glow that will even be office-appropriate!
  5. Keep everything else matte
    Again, remind your customers that the focal point to strobing is the glow that comes from the highlighting, so it is ideal to use a matte shade for everything else - bronzer, blush, any other face products. This will also be a great opportunity to link sell products that will help achieve that perfect strobed look!


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August 30th, 2015
Thanks for the tip. When I do makeovers I 've never thought of highlighting the cupid's bow area. Great idea.

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