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Packing what you’ll tote around with you all day is about choice and purpose. It’s about knowing the difference between what you want and what you need. asked women of all ages and lifestyles “What’s In Your Makeup Bag” - their daily beauty essentials that they can’t live without and why.

This month we ask Angeline Urie, Public Relations Manager from New York.

Baume De La Mer by La Mer
I received this in a goody bag, usual don’t spend the big $ on a lip balm, so this was a real score to receive. It has a minty aroma, refreshing, but not too much. Not too greasy or shiny so perfect under lipstick or as a bedtime product. 

Maestro Eraser Concealer by Giorgio Armani
This little tube is magic; silky feel, absorbs rapidly and never sits in creases and does not bother my eyes—after applying eye cream I dab this on, blend on the inner part of the eye and along the lower lash line where I tend to be a bit blue. Good as an eye makeup base too—an all around miracle product.

Smooth Silk Lip Pencil by Giorgio Armani in #9
This color, not beige or pink or brown is an amazing basic which works with virtually any lipstick—even on its own over Baume De La Mer is amazing. It is really close to the color of my own natural lip color and when you’re trying for that “no makeup makeup look,” this does the trick.

Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick by Hourglass in Rose
This is one of the newer products in my collection—the girl at SPACE where I bought it was bullish on the product so I thought to give it a try. I initially liked it for the color—much like the lipliner, it is neither pink nor beige nor brown—I’m quite pale so I need color, but I’m not going for that “look at me look” at the office. This product goes on smoothly and dries down quickly, but doesn’t suck every bit of moisture out of your lips like some products do—I would suggest using a light baume underneath for a bit of slip.

Cupid’s Bow by Lipstick Queen in Apollo
Another new addition to my collection (I’ve been shopping lately, spring and all). This product does double-time as a lipliner and crayon, but I prefer to use a proper liner as the tip is a little larger and not as precise. The color “Cupid’s Bow Apollo,” is a true raspberry and makes your eyes really pop. Great for the days when you’re a little short on sleep and need to look ALIVE for your audience.

Lip Brush by Shu Uemura (travel size)
This little beauty was part of a travel kit which I recently rediscovered in my cosmetic emporium under the bathroom sink. I was using with darker shades over the winter and despite being fairly lazy with lip brushes, I love the application especially with dark colors when you want the depth of a color, but a lighter application. I say, take 60 seconds and do it properly, the results are well worth the investment of time.

Smooth Silk Eye Pencil by Giorgio Armani in #11
This delightful eyeliner has become a staple in my kit—I’ve tried them all, high and low and this formula is nothing short of genius. Glides on, never grabs and you can build on it if you so desire a more dramatic look. The color is a soft brown which virtually works with ANYTHING. I still buy grey and I tried a smoky purple this season, but nothing say elegance like this shade.

Foundation Brush by MAC
Where was this baby when I was struggling all those years trying to get it just right. Not only does it provide a flawless application, you don’t waste any product. I take a small pump of liquid foundation on the top of my hand and dip the brush to get an even application—sweep on to the face. I go over the eyelids and dab, dab, dab around the nostrils and over the lips. Add more foundation if needed—flawless!!!

Eye & Brow Maestro by Giorgio Armani
With the fuller brow look this season, I decided to give this a whirl. My brows are naturally light and I have them tinted, but it wears off in a couple of weeks. I have since been using this brilliant  product which is a brow color in a pot with a slightly emollient texture which glides on beautifully. I invested in the brush as well which is angled brush on one side and a brush on the other. Just dip the brush very lightly in the pot and start on the inner corner to build up the color and then sweep over the arch and extend for that Grace Kelly look—remarkable!!

Cheek Fabric Sheer Blush by Giorgio Armani in #306
Like a second skin, subtle glow, back to the “no makeup makeup look” the silky texture goes on flawlessly—you simply can’t muck it up.

Lip Gloss by NARS in Stolen Kisses
This is my second purchase of this color so you know you’re onto something….love this color—just enough of a punch for day, not to sticky or shiny—just right!

Try asking your customer ‘What’s in your makeup bag?’ You’ll be surprised how you can help her get rid of the clutter and focus on her beauty necessities.

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