June 9, 2016 - Posted by Mickey Tortorelli

Father's day is coming and many customers may be looking to start their dads on a skin care routine. As BA's, we know the benefits of an extensive line of skin care products, and you may be tempted to suggest every product that addresses dad's skin care needs. However, it's important that you keep the routine basic at first to avoid overwhelming dad when he receives his gift!

Below are some basic products we recommend for building dad's skincare "starter pack":



Oils, dirt and pollution can get trapped in the pores over the day, especially for active dads who enjoy being outside. A cleanser will wash off these impurities from the skin to keep it feeling fresh! Recommend creamy soothing cleansers for dry skin, and foaming or gel cleansers for oily/combination skin.


TONER (Optional)

Using a toner will help remove last traces of impurities as well as any residue from the cleanser. It also preps the skin to accept moisturizer more readily. For dry skin, recommend alcohol-free toners so that the skin isn't stripped of more oils.



The skin continually renews itself, but may not shed off dead skin cells resulting in skin with a dull appearance - especially for men, since they have thicker skin. An exfoliator will help slough off these dead cells to brighten the skin's complexion, as well as create a smooth surface for the razor when shaving. If dad has sensitive skin, suggest that they use a scrub once a week only.



Men tend to age slower than women, so they don't require as powerful anti-aging products. However, it is still important to use a moisturizer to replenish the moisture content of the skin. For dry skin, recommend a richer (creamy) moisturizer, and oily/combination skin a lighter (gel) moisturizer.



The eye is the most delicate area of the face and is very prone to developing fine lines. Since the skin is a lot finer in this area, eye creams are formulated specially to moisturize this area effectively. Remind you customer to teach dad how to use the product, i.e. don't place the product too close to the eye, as it may cause irritation.



Sometimes men don't care for sun protection, or plainly just don't know the benefits of it. This is the best opportunity to slip this product into their routine and have your customer explain to dad that not only does it protect the skin from the aging effect from sun exposure, but also lowers the risk of skin cancer. Suggest a water resistant sun screen for dads that tend to spend a lot of time outdoors or sweat a lot!


To get you started with recommendations, Shiseido has a great range of Men's skincare, as well as sun protection! To learn more about these products, get in contact with your Shiseido Rep for access to our online course. Receive your choice of a Shiseido starter kit upon successful course completion.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what other products you think should be included in the comments below!

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