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"To me, Mickey Tortorelli develops and delivers effective, integrated, and approachable training programs that address the end user's full range of educational needs. Mickey Tortorelli works as a full-service partner. Acting as a consultant as well as a team player, with a willingness to understand and adapt to a client's evolving needs. Mickey is an expert in the field of training and education, keeping pace with industry best practices and methods, and effectively applying them to real business situations."
Alicia Stammer , Product Manager at Beiersdorf USA

"Mickey’s expertise in training development and the retail sector place her at the top of her field. A trainer and sales person at heart, Mickey brings know-how, passion and a fresh new approach to educating the beauty and fragrance industry. Her work on the launch of Harajuku Lovers fragrance's online training program resulted in a dynamic interactive learning experience and tremendous sales results. "
Aliki Mahshy , Public Relations and Training Professional

"We have been working with BeauteSchool Inc. for a number of years and from the outset have been very impressed with their efficiency and professionalism. Their personalized approach not only inspired confidence, but also generated the results we were looking for. BeauteSchool Inc. helped us with the development of an eLearning platform for our biggest Brand which was a strategic addition to our training portfolio. The development of the eLearning platform was a first for us, the guidance of Mickey Tortorelli helped us launch a program that was easy to use and well received by our clientele. The BeauteSchool team is highly responsive to all our requests and always delivers on time, within budget."
Anne Dubois , Directrice nationale de la formation Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique/National Training Manager Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique

"Fragrance consultants are more likely to push our brand vs. the competition due to having the right knowledge, increasing sales. The course motivates."
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Fragrance advisors felt more comfortable communicating with customers, enjoyed the knowledge of history and special ingredients as well as the composition in easy terms to remember. They were able to use the CHANEL signature training course as a tool to connect and convince when selling. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"I think the CHANEL signature training course is the best tool to educate people on the woman and the brand. Those that are educated on the brand are able to sell with more authority and expertise, this combination increases sales. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"After a beauty advisor completes the CHANEL signature training course they began using better wording to describe the CHANEL fragrance line. CHANEL became the top fragrance for them to sell in the store. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"The CHANEL signature training course made our beauty advisors much more comfortable presenting the fragrances and it also increased their goodwill to CHANEL. It made a great impact on most beauty advisors for sure. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"The CHANEL signature training course has provided the inspiration behind the scents. Beauty advisors are educated mainly on the new and now fragrances. Giving them excellent knowledge on every CHANEL fragrance will create more loyalty to the store and the beauty advisor. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"It is proven that those who followed the CHANEL signature training course sold more CHANEL fragrances. A few Shoppers Drug Mart customers even noticed the extended knowledge and expertise of those who did the online training and praised those beauty advisors. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"90% of the fragrance advisors were very excited to do the CHANEL signature training course and had great feedback and even the longtime fragrance advisors learnt something. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Beauty advisors loved the images and felt like they were brought into a part of the CHANEL world to dream, commented they truly enjoyed the journey. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Beauty advisors realized that CHANEL is more than a brand, it is a story of a woman who defined luxury by striving for perfection in every aspect of her life. They learned how to speak about the history and our fragrances. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Beauty advisors loved the CHANEL signature training course! They found the information useful and loved the fact they received a gift at the end. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Beauty advisors thought the CHANEL signature training course was well done and some were very excited and had a great impact on our performance. It showed them that CHANEL was a point of difference from all others and they used parts of the program to share the story of each fragrance. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Beauty advisors enjoyed the flexibility of doing it on their own time. They felt they had a better understanding of our fragrances. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Beauty advisors loved the CHANEL signature training course! They found it very instructive, helpful to understand the CHANEL fragrance universe, easy to follow and very well designed. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"I think the CHANEL signature training course is amazing and the stores have totally bought into it. Because of high turnover in staff I think it is a very good idea to keep it top of mind for us too. The gifts are so treasured for those who complete the training! "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"I think the CHANEL signature training course is a perfect tool to educate those in the field. Beauty advisors have to complete this on their own time but the gift is a reward for their efforts. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"Overall, the CHANEL signature training course is well laid out and very informative. Fragrance consultants love it and are eager to get on. "
CHANEL , Territory Manager

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for providing such fun and informative courses. I constantly look forward to updating my product knowledge and you make it quite easy with Beauteschool."
Claudia Ferderber , Beauty Consultant

"I have had the pleasure of crossing professional paths with Mickey many times, first working at Katz Groups, we were honored to have Mickey attend our Cosmetician Conference as a Motivational Speaker and address a room of more than 200 Cosmeticians. Mickey left the cosmeticians motivated, stimulated and proud of the service they provide. Our paths crossed again while I was working at Pierre Fabre where Mickey worked with the training department to develop an interactive web product knowledge course that takes a cosmetician for capable to being a powerhouse of confidence and knowledge. Mickey is a true professional who is passionate about all she does!!"
Judi Germaine , National Wholesale Manager at L'Occitane en Provence

"Mickey is a joy to work with. She brings expertise, passion, and style to her assignments. Mickey is able to blend professionalism with personable to achieve results. She is a credit to the industry."
Kirk Brierley , Training Manager at Johnson & Johnson

"I highly recommend Mickey Tortorelli. I have known Mickey for many years and have worked with her on many occasions as a Service provider while I worked for different Cosmetics/Fragrances brands. Mickey has always been deeply committed to every project she managed and always worked with passion. She is professional, very reliable and flexible. She has constantly demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurship, creativity and problem-solving. One of her outstanding achievements is the Chanel online training site that she developed in conjunction with our National Training Director. It is an amazing, informative and creative training tool that everyone values and which I promote every day. This e-learning program answered perfectly our training needs therefore positively impacted the knowledge, expertise and commitment of our selling staff."
Linda Vandel , Regional Sales Director at Biocean Canada Inc

"Ms. Tortorelli was amazing. A great inspiration. I feel we all got wonderful information about our strategy with the client's personality type. We just never approached it that way and I do feel it will be a great asset. Thank you so much for bringing all of us to another level."
Lorraine Larsen , Fragrance Advisor from Lord & Taylor, 5th Avenue, New York

"Mickey Tortorelli is a powerhouse. I met her first as a Cosmetic Buyer for Sears Canada where she made her fragrance division a force to be reckoned with. We sit on the same board for the Cosmetics and Fragrance Advisory Committee at Seneca College where Mickey contributes her valuable knowledge and acumen to burgeoning students trying to find a placement in the Cosmetics and Fragrance industries. We are also Judges for the Canadian Outstanding Service Awards in Canada and Mickey's expertise is regularly called upon. Mickey's BeauteSchool has won multiple awards where Mickey has shown time and time again that not only is online training a valuable way of reaching and training cosmetic and fragrance students, she makes it a fun experience which is why she is on the cutting edge of the net and progression. To be able to reach the widest audience with thought-provoking and informative timely information, which is culmination of a lifetime's experience, she is the go-to lady and a true pioneer!"
Marian Bendeth , Global Fragrance Expert and Owner of Sixth Scents

"Eucerin's Dermatological Skincare was successfully launched in Canada January, 2004. One key partner that insured the success of the launch was Mickey Tortorelli. Through a comprehensive and interactive training program, cosmeticians (beauty advisors) across Canada were trained on the new Eucerin products. We have seen Eucerin sales increase by 30% in selected drug stores following the training program! Thank you Mickey Tortorelli for being an invaluable partner!"
Nadia Dubuc , Eucerin Brand Manager Beiersdorf Canada Inc

"Mickey is a lovely person to work with! She is passionate and always enthusiastic! She's a hard-working person that always have great ideas and provides her clients with wonderful work!"
Pauline Decaux , Training Manager at Sephora Middle East
“I have been selling CHANEL fragrances for years but have never taken an in-depth course and learned more about the fragrances. To have an opportunity directly from the CHANEL company to learn more was a great opportunity.”
Beauty Advisor
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