BeauteSchool Excellence Award - Seneca CTM Program Winner

April 15, 2016

The talent was unbounded at this years Seneca Redefining Design Fashion show. The graduating students of fashion put their best designs forward and had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and ideas. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these talented designers creations in our retail stores in the future!

We were treated to front row seats of the fashion show and had a great time. Everything - the collections, the makeup, the hair styling - was executed flawlessly to compliment each element of the show.

BeauteSchool was invited to present our annual BeauteSchool Excellence award during this lively event.

Every year BeauteSchool recognizes the hard work of a CTM student at Seneca College. This award celebrates their academic achievement and dedication to the industry. It's also an award to encourage the recipient to continue striving for their best, because hard work pays off!

This year, the recipient of our award was Niloufar Soheili, a deserving Cosmetics Techniques and Management student. Congratulations once again, Niloufar! You deserve every part of this award and I wish you the very best in your future endeavours in the beauty industry!

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Beauty Advisor
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