BeauteSchool Goes To The COSA Gala!

November 24, 2015

This year, BeauteSchool had the honour to sponsor the COSA Gala pins for the award winners. We also got invited to attend the gala night - with Mickey presenting one of the awards. The night was filled with a lot of glam, inspirational speeches and a plethora of goodies from the sponsors!

However, most importantly, it was a night dedicated to congratulating the winners of COSA 2015 and recognising the hard work that has been poured into their work and helping their clients. With the winners ranging from age 19 to over 70, we can catch a glimpse of the diversity in our industry, but we are also reminded that striving to provide exceptional service is the common goal that every beauty advisor should be aiming for.

There will be days that will be tough - life isn't supposed to be smooth sailing after all - so here is some  advice shared by Pat Clare, National NeoStrata Trainer, in her witty and heartfelt opening speech:

Everyone can do with a bit of L.S.D.
Love - Love what you do and do it with great passion and purpose
Service - Service with a free heart and compassion
Desire - Desire to do better with our jobs and with our lives each and every day

We cannot express our congratulations enough to the winners, especially to our members. This is a substantial accomplishment! Your commitment to the industry is what motivates us at BeauteSchool to create even better online courses that will help you in your careers. May you all continue to become a better version of yourself today, and grow in your passion to serve your clients.


Nominations for 2016 will be open for submissions on December 1, 2015, on the Cosmetics Magazine website. Is there anyone you work with that you feel deserves this award? Do share their story with us in the comments below!

If you missed the live stream and would like to see what COSA is all about, you can watch the show here.

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“Mickey’s expertise in training development and the retail sector place her at the top of her field. A trainer and sales person at heart, Mickey brings know-how, passion and a fresh new approach to educating the beauty and fragrance industry. Her work on the launch of Harajuku Lovers fragrance's online training program resulted in a dynamic interactive learning experience and tremendous sales results.”
Aliki Mahshy
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