Heart-to-Heart: The Transgender Norm

June 16, 2015

For years, the topic of transgender individuals remained a taboo. Not many people touched on this topic and the inequalities that these individuals faced were, more often than not, swept under the rug. However, this seems to be changing with the latest media buzz surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, followed by news on Make Up Forever's move to sign a transgender model, Andreja Peji?, to their latest campaign.

This is such a radical (and fantastic!) change in the industry - from shying away from the topic, to shining the spotlight on the journey that Jenner and Peji? have gone through that has resulted in who they are today. Not only does this help lift some prejudice that the public may have towards the transgender community, but it also nurtures the younger generations to treat everyone equally, no matter their background.

However, the most beautiful aspect of the recent buzz is that it gives those in the same shoes courage and hope to pursue their dreams. It encourages transgender women to be bold with their self-expression and be proud of who they are. It inspires true beauty - one that has to be expressed from within and projected outwardly.

Although only time can tell whether or not this is just a hype in the media, this is a promising step forward for the beauty industry and raising awareness for the men and women in the transgender community. We are excited to see how the beauty industry will transform through this time!

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