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April 17, 2018

We love to highlight people and brands we think are doing good things, especially when they are homegrown. As many of you know BeauteSchool celebrated our sixth year this April and going strong. Bite Beauty is also celebrating its sixth year, yay them!

For those of you that don’t know, this proudly Canadian cosmetics company specializes in lip products, they were also born right here in our city of Toronto. Bite prides itself on sticking to the idea of you are what you eat, and makes all its products solely from all-natural, and food-grade ingredients. This was no easy feat for the new brand, founder, Susanne Langmuir, contacted various cosmetic production facilities and all said they could not produce all-natural formulas without at least some synthetic ingredients. This was unacceptable to her.

Not compromising her ideas and using only food-grade ingredients was paramount for Langmuir. Her main reason for starting Bite Beauty came from an instinctive feeling that there was a gap in the market for natural cosmetics with a modern and youthful focus and she was not about to back down.
Image source: Bite Beauty    


She took matters into her own hands and built a lipstick factory in Toronto where she could control what went into her products. Bite Beauty’s lip products are still handmade there today. A tiled wall in Bite’s production lab in Toronto proudly states “Bite is made by Bite.”

Staying true to her gut paid off for Langmuir. She has built a brand in partnership with Sephora, that has gained a strong and loyal following. Kendo, which owns Kat Von D., Marc Jacobs Beauty, Fenty Beauty and others, was impressed with the brand and purchased Bite Beauty a year after it launched for an undisclosed sum. Langmuir remains in creative control, and Bite’s headquarters remains here in Toronto.


   Bite Beauty also offers customers, in three major Canadian and American cities, the unique opportunity to create their own personal shades of lipsticks on the spot in the Bite Lip Labs. Customers are invited to sit down with Lip Lab artists, who will walk them through hand selecting custom textures and flavours.
Image source: Bite Beauty     

Not only does this experience set Bite Beauty apart from the crowd, it also allows for authentic client participation and naturally lends itself to social media platforms like Instagram. Bite Beauty is currently looking to expand the Lip Labs into more major cities across North America.

     We applaud this Canadian company and its ingenuity, from one female-led, six-year-old to another, we hope this is only the beginning of Bite Beauty. We are very pleased to feature them as our first brand in Local Love.  
Image source: Bite Beauty    


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