Make Up For Ever Pro Social

August 10, 2015

Last week, we were invited to attend the pre-launch social for Make Up For Ever's new Ultra HD Foundation, and we had a blast. Not only did we get to meet some amazing makeup artists and try out the new products, we also got a chance to learn more about the new Ultra HD foundation - fluid and stick. 


Speaking to one of the artists, Kat, we found out the back story for the new foundation line. The founder of the company, Dany Sanz, has wanted to reformulate their current HD foundation for a long time. Although the current formulation is still wonderful and suitable for use in mediums recorded in HD, many user reviews have voiced the concern for its incompatibility with dry and dehydrated skin. With that in mind, this new formulation was created to sit beautifully even on dehydrated skin, and has expanded its colour range by 16 shades! The new foundation has also been touted to look invisible on a 4K camera and to the naked eye.

We've tried out the foundation and was pleasantly surprised! It really felt like second skin, and as promised, didn't cling to any dry patches. The foundation provides medium coverage, which made our skin look natural but also flawless, but it was also very comfortable to wear.

We then tested out the Ultra HD Stick Foundation, which has a medium to full coverage. Honestly we were expecting it to be quite heavy on the skin but its creamy consistency blended out beautifully to a satin finish, and concealed any redness and imperfections - most importantly, it still felt light! Kat also advised us that this stick foundation can be used for cream highlight and contouring. This stick foundation isn't for everyone though - especially those with really oily skin or dry patches (we tested that). You can, however, use their smoothing primer underneath to even out the texture of your skin first - or any other primer from their range that suit your needs.

Finally, we got to test out their new artisan brushes. The brushes have been in development for five years(!) and are 100% made of their patented synthetic fibers that replicated natural hair. Each brush is handcrafted by over 30 artisans and takes over 25-steps to create! The face brushes (and all the other ones) were VERY soft to the touch, and worked harmoniously with the new foundations - fluid and stick - and reaches every nook and cranny on the face to create a perfect application.

Overall, we were impressed by the new products, and also enjoyed the intimate gathering with other makeup artists to learn and share our experiences. And of course, the best part of it all was leaving with a bag of goodies purchased at a very discounted price!

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