Our Exceptional Beauty Ambassadors Honoured at the upcoming COSA Awards

October 21, 2014

The COSA program honours the outstanding customer service achievements of cosmeticians, beauty advisors, fragrance advisors, demonstrators, sales reps and trainers in the Canadian beauty industry.

You can have the most spectacular product but if you can’t offer your customer exceptional service, it won’t succeed. That’s why the remarkable achievements of these individuals are so important to the beauty business as a whole. Their actions and dedication inspire us all to offer even better service.

There are 17 awards and one overall winner each year. The winners of the team awards receive a cheque for $2,000 and each individual winner receives a $1,000 cheque along with a silver COSA pin created by Canadian Jewelry designer Karen Palmer. He or she also receives a crystal COSA award commemorating the evening and a gift basket containing over $2,500.00 worth of product from the event sponsors as well as a plaque to display at their counter. And while there are only 17 winners, we wish to acknowledge the finalists for their great efforts. 

How the COSA winners are chosen

To become a COSA winner you have to go through a few steps to ensure you are, in fact, the best of the best. You would first need to be nominated by a peer, vendor or retailer. Each year we we receive hundreds of nominations.

My fellow judges and I read every nomination and select the best candidates that we feel deserve to be finalists.

Usually the choice of finalists is quite unanimous and easily agreed upon as there are nominations that definitely stand out from the rest. At this point the short-listed individuals are mystery shopped three separate times over a period of three weeks, each time by a different mystery shopper. Once the results are in we have another meeting, where we select the winner in each category.

The final category is the Overall Winner. This person is selected from the group of category winners. This is decided by phone interview and after reading the answers to a questionnaire that we request the category winners fill out. At the end of this process, we cast our secret ballot to choose an Overall Winner. Not even the judges know who has been selected until the evening of the gala when the Overall Winner is announced at the very end of the evening.

Once again this year, on November 20th, at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, I have the honour and privilege to participate in this night of joy and tears too as each finalist accepts their well-deserved award.  

Of special note, I would like to congratulate our BeauteSchool members who were chosen as finalists in their categories - BRAVO!!

Dee Donnelly, Joelle Martin, Christine Middel-Johnston, Scott Newton, Idamea O'Brien, Janice Rose, Erica Rudd and Lori Gaetano.

And a super big congratulations to our BeauteSchool member and Fragrance Advisor Category Winner:

Scott Newton, Sears, Fragrance Counter - Sarnia, Ontario


If you can't attend the awards gala on November 20th, visit and click on the video link on the home page to watch all the action as it happens that evening.




Scott Newton
October 29th, 2014
Hi Mickey: Thanks so much for the shout out about the COSA award nominations and mentioning me winning the award for Fragrance Advisor. It truly is a great honour and I am looking forward to this wonderful event. Being able to access your website to increase my product knowledge has only helped me to provide the best service to my wonderful customers here in Sarnia.
February 20th, 2015
Thank you so much for suggesting about cosa-awards that is great achievement.

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