Toronto Fashion Week - Our VIP Experience!

April 15, 2016

One word - Wow!

This year's Toronto Fashion Week was fantastic as usual, but to top everything off with a cherry, we were treated like VIPs from the beginning to end. What a wonderful and memorable night we had!

We met up with our giveaway winner Claudia, and her colleague, Sabrina, and were warmly greeted by the NeoStrata Team. After exchanging our greetings, we were swept away to the VIP lounge to toast to the beginning of a spectacular night.

The venue was dotted with sponsor booths and we got our fair share of goodies - including deluxe NeoStrata samples, and even a Swarovski bracelet! However, Microsoft stole the show that night with their custom, 3D printed nail appliques - attendees were set up at a station to design their own nail, which was then printed and applied for them afterwards. How cool is that?

In between all the hustle and bustle, we also saw the Helder Diego and Hilary MacMillan shows. Both designers had beautiful collections and there were definitely a few (many) pieces we wanted to snag for ourselves!

We got invited backstage to see where everything happens. The hair, the makeup - it was an organized chaos! But we could really feel the energy and adrenaline amongst the models and artists. We also got to see Maybelline's Lead Makeup Artist, Grace Lee, in action. We were so captivated by her Graceful makeup application (pun intended).

Of course the night didn't just end at the show. The NeoStrata team took us to a fabulous restaurant for dinner. We had the most incredible meal! There was great conversation and we loved that we really got to know our learners on a more personal level. They gave us such positive feedback on our courses, and how valuable BeauteSchool is as a resource to them as Beauty Advisors. It gives us so much pride in what we do when we receive confirmation that these courses we've built have a practical application for our learners!

Our biggest thanks goes to NeoStrata Canada for hosting us at TFW 2016! We had such a fabulous time attending the fashion shows with our guests, and dinner was PHENOMENAL -  they sure knew how to spoil us!

Visit our Facebook Page to see more photos from the night!

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