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“Active Beauty” Emerges As A Key Trend For 2017 And Beyond

March 16, 2017

Consumers are increasingly encouraged to exercise their bodies and brains. Photo: © Yurok /

For a long time, the beauty and fashion industry had set unrealistic "ideal body" images for consumers, causing all sorts of issues coming from body shaming and self-depreciation - especially in the younger generations. In spite of this, we're happy to have found the below article from Premium Beauty News, discussing the change in this trend:

"Active Beauty" is emerging as one of the key trends set to impact the global beauty and personal care industry in 2017 and beyond, reveals Mintel Beauty & Personal Care. Global consumers are increasingly seeking out ways to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance in pursuit of healthy living, and beauty brands will formulate products to help them in their quest for health and fitness.

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We're absoluted elated to know that influential brands such as Tarte Cosmetics, are beginning to place more emphasis on physical and mental health when it comes to beauty. We're hoping to see more and more brands follow suit to create a positive community, where men and women help build each other up, and encourage its consumers to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Looking forward to the innovative products that will emerge from this "Active Beauty" trend, and we hope that this will be a trend that stays for a long time!

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