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Atelier Cologne Partners with Sephora to Launch Canadian-Inspired Scent

July 13, 2016

We Canadians have long been looking at our American neighbours with envy. Not only do they seem to make everything bigger and better, cosmetics brands lavish the US consumers with extravagant product launches, and often receive US-exclusive products. It hasn’t been until recently that Canada has (finally!) gotten cult favourite stores like NYX Cosmetics. This season, we’re also getting a little extra loving with our very own exclusive launch!

Atelier Cologne, the niche fragrance house that was just acquired by L’Oréal, has launched a new scent in collaboration with Sephora Canada. Citron d’Erable, a limited-edition scent inspired by maple syrup, is the fifth launch in Collection Azur, the range of colognes absolue celebrating regions “where sea and sky become one.”

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It’s safe to say that a scent probably won’t be able to get any more Canadian this Citron d’Erable! We have yet to check it out at Sephora, but looking forward to experiencing this scent.

Have you tried this scent yet? How are your customers’ response to it? Let us know in the comments below!

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