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October 30, 2014

I had the honour and pleasure to facilitate Signature Service training with Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor beauty advisors in the last two months. With their recently renovated 'world class' beauty departments, it was important to also provide an equally memorable 'signature' shopping experience to each and every customer.

More than 500 beauty advisors learned how to personally connect with their clients or 'speak their language'; an important skill in helping develop a successful relationship. Understanding how to best communicate with clients is the single most important factor in building a successful beauty business.

Begin by personalizing the client experience. Here are some great ways to do that:

  1. Learn 3 interests or facts about your clients unrelated to product sales—make sure to note this in their client file. This information provides you, the Beauty Expert, the opportunity to really get to know your client on a personal level, build trust and a lasting relationship.
  2. Find special moments that transcend culture & generation—not just holidays, but rather an important occasion, such as a first date, a first day on the job, etc. These moments deeply matter to your clients and offer you an opportunity to stay relevant. Invite your client back to offer a special service to help them make these occasions memorable.
  3. Use your client system to note important information at the beginning of each consultation to engage and develop trust.

I'd like to thank each and every one of the Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor beauty advisors, cosmetic managers and GSM's who participated and helped make our workshops a big success.

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“Fragrance consultants are more likely to push our brand vs. the competition due to having the right knowledge, increasing sales. The course motivates.”
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