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Bio-Oil Tells Consumers To “Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin”

October 14, 2016

With all the media around us constantly bombarding us with perfectly photoshopped images, it’s hard for anyone to not compare themselves with the “media standard” of what beauty is. We’re so glad that companies are taking a step back to rectify this, and help people pride in themselves. From an article on Cosmetics Business, the most recent campaign is from Bio-Oil and is with a great cause:

Bio-Oil has launched a campaign supporting burn survivors as part of a fund-raising drive for in partnership with charity The Phoenix Society.

Sharing the message: “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin” the video demonstrates the benefits of The Phoenix Society’s camps for young survivors.

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Let us know your thoughts, and share with us any ideas you have to help your customers be confident and comfortable in their own skin!

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