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DSM Confirms Efficacy of Regu-Scence Made From White Asparagus

August 10, 2015

Following the discovery of the pine cone extract, we've got more news from Cosmetics Business on another anti-aging ingredient.

Specialty chemicals supplier DSM has confirmed that its Regu-Scence ingredient has been found to be extra effective, following new research into the molecule.

Regu-Science, an extract taken from pure white asparagus from the Navarra region, was shown to be highly effective as an anti-ageing ingredient, delaying the cellular ageing process by stimulating the skin’s own autophagy abilities.

A test carried out on pigmented epidermis equivalents indicated the efficacy of Regu-Scence at 3% to enhance the appearance of a more even skin tone. In vitro, this ingredient has shown a significant down-regulation of tyrosinase (responsible for hyperpigmentation) marker by up to 65% and of the recently discovered Melan-A (a type of melanocyte) marker by up to 30% in a 9-day test.

What products do you think Regu-Scence would be most effectively used in? Let us know below!

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Kim Remesz
August 19th, 2015
Is it the white asparagus? or the soil in the Navarra region in which it grows that makes it special? Does the Regu-Scence disappear once the asparagus is allowed to photosynthesis?

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