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Dyson Made a Hair Dryer and It's Kind of Stunning...and Expensive

May 04, 2016


The Dyson company name is synonymous with powerful household vacuums, so you may be wondering what its association with the beauty industry is. The company has recently launched their Supersonic hair dryer that was being developed quietly. Continue reading to learn more from Mashable:

The hair dryer is not a work of art, but it does hold a sort of iconic place in our cultural landscape. It's recognizable at a distance and has been blowing and burning follicles in pretty much the same way since the 1970s.

The new Dyson Supersonic is a stunning breath of hot air in the face of traditional dryers — a rare new take on decades-old product category that looks nothing like the archetypal hair dryer.

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There’s a lot of thought put into this product – from making it more ergonomic than conventional hair dryers, and having a built in thermostat, to completely reducing the noise of the wind and motors – features that we absolutely love. Unfortunately, this product does come with a premium price, at $400. What are your thoughts on Dyson’s new Supersonic Hair Dryer?

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