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Industry Career Opportunity-NAOS

March 18, 2019

Bi-Lingual English/French Regional Educator
NAOS - Estederm and Bioderma brands in Toronto and Ontario

Represent, promote and support Esthederm and Bioderma brands - Toronto

Support education mandate set forth by Director of Education, build and grow education in Ontario.
Become the product and brand expert in the region, working closely with the sales representatives to support and coach clients. Travel extensively throughout the region to teach and lead formalized training in English and French. May be necessary to travel to the USA.

Support PR initiatives in spa events; secure and develop school openings and subsequent training; partnering with sales representatives to open and drive new business.

Consistently demonstrate strong analytical skills and good networking capabilities. 

For more information about this industry career opportunity please contact
Bernard Pochic, Training Manager, NAOS North America at

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“This was a refreshing course and I found it very helpful. Mickey was an excellent facilitator. She was very knowledgeable and provided a vast amount of information on todays course. Bring her back to train us again!”
Marianne, Hudson's Bay Beauty Consultant
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