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Kid Licks Debuts Edible Wash-Off Nail Polish

November 29, 2015

As children, we've always loved getting into our mom's makeup stash, brought out all the lipsticks and matching nail colours and went to town with all the messiest colours. However, now that we're older and wiser (and much better at makeup application), we question the safety of nail polish ingredients for younger children. What if they eat it? The good news is, this reservation for nail polishes may be lifted as Kid Licks has debuted an edible wash-off nail polish! Here are excerpts from an article on Cosmetics Business:

Parent team Audrey Amara and Josh Kroot have created a novel nail polish suitable for children. The Kid Licks range of polishes is made from entirely edible ingredients and can be easily removed with soap and water.

Kid Licks formula is 100% edible, designed with young children in mind. It can be applied as a usual polish, although it takes a little longer than standard brands to fully set. The formulas will easily wash off when scrubbed with soap or can be licked clean. As it is a food product, Kid Licks polish must be kept in the refridgerator after opening.

The water-based formulas get their colouring/flavours from fruits and vegetables and comes in 3 shades: Beet Red, Barley Grass Green, and Sour Carrot.

All the ingredients used are organic and vegan-friendly. Kid Licks claims that they are suitable for children of all ages, even babies, as well as those seeking to avoid chemicals or suffering from an allergy.

This line of edible polishes was created because Anna, who is a parent and the Co-founder of Kid Licks, was also weary of her children using "grown-up" polishes, and was determined to create a nail product that would be safe even if it was consumed. The company is now looking into the concept of edible face paint as their next project. What are your thoughts on these polishes? Let us know below!

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