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New Olay Kkin Advisor App Estimates Skin Age

January 11, 2017

The new selfie-style app allows users to analyse the areas of the face that look their best and the areas that need improvement

The app can create a personalised skin care regime based on the results of the user's selfie.

Skin care brand Olay has created an artificial intelligence-style app that uses a database of tens of thousands of images to establish what a woman’s face looks like at any age.

The technology labels each selfie with a chronological age and helps to identify areas of ageing concern as well as areas that are ageing well.

Every time a new selfie is shared, the technology labels it with the chronological age of the person, stores its information and learns what drives the visual age of the face. In other words the app gets smarter with every use.

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Wow, what an amazing app. We can see how this can be a valuable tool, even for beauty advisors! What are your thoughts on this app, and how can you use this to bring extra value to your skin consultations?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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