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P&G Launches Gillette Shave Club

June 19, 2015

In the recent years, subscription boxes have been popularized in the beauty and cosmetics industry, starting from makeup and expanding to razor cartridges. In the men's shaving category, first came the Dollar Shave Club, then Harry's and Shave Select. Now, P&G is joining the gang with its new Gillette Shave Club. Here's what Faye Brookman has to say about this new club in an article on WWD:

The success of Dollar Shave Club isn’t wasted on Procter & Gamble’s Gillette. A new Gillette Shave Club is building on the shaving leader’s original Shave Club for men, which allows them to sign up for Gillette blades at a frequency that serves their needs.

The Gillette Shave Club is open to subscribers and nonsubscribers who want to receive Gillette benefits and helpful grooming and style content.

“At Gillette, we think guys deserve a great shave at a great value, and they shouldn’t short-change themselves when it comes to the quality of their shave,” stated Charlie Pierce, group president, global grooming. “We also want it to be as convenient as possible for guys to shop Gillette.”

With a tried-and-tested mass market brand being introduced to the game, we're interested to see if P&G will be able to steal the show in this market. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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“For me, having more courses such as this available to us [is something that can serve me better]. We do not always get to go to the training seminars and having an avenue such as this is an asset to all of us cosmeticians. I would be happy to do more training. Receiving product to try is also a bonus. On a daily basis, customers always ask which mascara is best, the texture of this cream, the results etc. I cannot afford to purchase everything to try and this is an awesome way for you to increase your sales by allowing us into your world of ‘trying is buying’. Cheers to a great training course.”
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