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Retail Experts Dream Up an Ideal Beauty Store

December 09, 2015

Illustration by Michiel van den Berg

Have you ever walked into your beauty department and thought that it's becoming slightly lacklustre because it's "just the same everywhere else"? Chances are, your customers may be thinking the same thing. We found a fun article from WWD written by Molly Prior and Faye Brookman that gives an overview of what retail experts reckon would make the ideal beauty store.

Alongside digitizing the department and offering samples and workstations to try out products, here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Ditch the Rows:
    "Instead of rows and rows of products, think circular moving kiosks that move up and down like elevators. If you'd like to see a brand or product press a button, and ta-dah, the entire collection [appears] on a silver platter."
    — Jeanine Recckio, Beauty Futurologist, Mirror Mirror Imagination Group
  • Plugging In:
    "Use an iPad to identify a shopper's skin tone, and then combine this with a proprietary app to make recommendations about the products that really will meet her needs."
    — Andy Austin, Head of Experience Technology of CBX
  • For the Moment:
    "Arrange lipsticks by occasion — for instance, a night out, brunch, etc."
    — Amy Levin, Founder of Web Site College Fashionista
  • Edit and Curate:
    "There are too many choices. Every brand has a thousand creams. Edit the assortment and organize products around beauty profiles or regimens, such as a day look and date night."
    — Dylan Lauren, Found and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • The Surprise Inside:
    "Include eye-popping elements like juice bars, massage tables and niches for pedicures and hairstyling."
    — Joe Bona, President of Branded Environment of CBX
  • Photo Booth:
    "Install a photo booth that can snap a photo and quickly assess the most appropriate makeup shades for individual shoppers."
    — Betsy Olum, Cofounder of Beauty Innovation Group

What are your thoughts on an "ideal beauty store"? We'd love to hear what ideas you have to create that perfect store that catches your customers' attention and draws them in. Leave your comments below!

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