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SEPHORA Champions Female Beauty Entrepreneurs with SEPHORA Accelerate

January 31, 2016

SEPHORA, the leading beauty retailer, announced the creation of SEPHORA Accelerate, a new program established to foster early-stage beauty businesses founded by female entrepreneurs. The details below are from and article on Yahoo! Finance:

SEPHORA Accelerate is a key initiative of SEPHORA STANDS, the company's broad new social impact strategy built on the pillars of philanthropy, aligned social engagement, and shared value, to inspire confidence and fearlessness among women. Comprised of three distinct programs designed to address the needs of entrepreneurs, communities, and SEPHORA employees, SEPHORA STANDS will continue to take shape throughout 2016, exclusively in the SEPHORA AMERICAS region.

SEPHORA STANDS is the latest example of the company's unrivaled leadership in the beauty industry, and born from the belief that beauty is for each person to define and for SEPHORA to celebrate in all its diversity. SEPHORA is pioneering these three new initiatives to build a long-term social impact program by cultivating the next generation of beauty businesses, creating community social engagement, and strengthening the support system for its employees.

For those who are not too familiar with SEPHORA STANDS, below is a brief outline of what the three pillars of this initiative are:

SEPHORA Accelerate – a program designed to build a community of innovative female founders in all areas of the beauty industry. It embraces a more collaborative and supportive structure that catalyzes growth and infuses social impact into each brand’s work. There are 10 spots available in this year-long program and selected candidates will participate in a boot camp at SEPHORA’s Headquarters in San Francisco. They will learn the necessary skills to run and build their business, as well as have access to a mentorship program with beauty industry leaders, and be eligible to possible funding through SEPHORA.

Classes for Confidence – Classes for Confidence will be introduced in April, 2016. This series of specialized in-store classes are complimentary and were developed to help inspire confidence in women facing major life transitions. Classes for Confidence offer a supportive environment where participants can learn and have fun, while also empowering SEPHORA store employees to make a difference in their communities.

SEPHORA Stands Together – The final pillar of SEPHORA STANDS is the creation of SEPHORA Stands Together, a new philanthropic emergency and hardship fund designed to support all eligible employees in times of need. SEPHORA Stands Together provides short-term assistance to SEPHORA employees facing financial hardship caused by natural disaster, family emergency, and other unexpected events.

We love seeing companies create initiatives with the purpose of empowering women who have so much potential, but are help back due to their limited resources. With SEPHORA STANDS, we hope that this will inspire more companies to follow suit so that the beauty industry can continue to grow and build a community of talented people! We’d love to hear your thoughts on how much impact these initiatives can make so leave your comments below!

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