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Sephora launches workshop to aid cancer sufferers

March 27, 2017

Everyone can, in some way or another. relate to cancer - be it friends or relatives are recovering from it, or a personal battle. While cancer can be a merciless disease, we're seeing more and more resources becoming available to support cancer patients. The most recent beauty company to provide this support is Sephora, and below are the details from Global Cosmetics News:

US retail giant has launched Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer, a free workshop that help men and women who have seen their hair and skin being affected by the disease.

Available nationwide, the workshops are thought to help patients learn beauty tips and talk to other cancer victims about their experience.

Talking to People, Corrie Conrad, Sephora Head of Social Impact said, “Hair loss and skin effects from cancer treatments know no gender, and we want to be a safe space for all of our clients.”

With 40 Sephora stores across the US having already signed up to host the workshops, it is said to provide a ‘supportive space’ where people can get together, find solutions and share tips and stories.

What a wonderful way for this beauty giant to give back to the community, and take proactive steps to create a safe space to help their clients feel more like themselves! We hope to see these workshops become available in Canada soon as well.

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