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Shiseido Americas acquires creative agency JWALK

March 27, 2017

Interesting article from Global Cosmetics News on Shiseido:

Shiseido Americas has announced the acquisition of full-service creative agency JWALK. As an integrated part of Shiseido Americas, JWALK will work hand-in-hand with Shiseido’s brand teams throughout the creative process from strategy to execution.

“This acquisition immediately sets Shiseido apart from the traditional approach to beauty marketing and how companies like ours approach creative excellence. By infusing JWALK into our entire creative process, we will not only be able to achieve organic, 360-degree results, but we will also have greater speed and agility in both the assets we create and the way we work,” said Marc Rey, President and CEO of Shiseido Americas.

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Shiseido already has stunning advertisements and campaigns so we're anticipating that their promotional efforts from now onwards will be brought to an even higher level! How do you think this will help with the sales of Shiseido products? Let us know in the comments below!

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