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Shiseido Updates Brand Logo To Emphasise Tokyo Origins

January 18, 2016

With the cosmetics industry being one that moulds and changes with the times, it is important for companies to establish and strengthen their identity in order to not get lost in the hustle and bustle. With its long standing history in the industry, we have some news on some changes at Shiseido from Cosmetics Business:

Shiseido has announced that the words “Ginza Tokyo” will be added to its branding, highlighting its origins in the city as a key part of its identity.

Shiseido was originally set up as a western-style pharmacy in the Ginza district in 1872. The area is known for setting trends across the nation and continues to be a key focus both within Japan and internationally. Shisiedo is widely credited with communicating life and culture from Ginza across the rest of Japan.

From this month onwards, Shiseido is planning to revamp all of its products, advertising and sales counters with the new logo. It aims to highlight its origins in Ginza whilst enforcing its new key message of “empathy”. The new focus and planned logo update was announced last year shortly after the company shared plans to rejuvenate the business and raise consolidated sales to more than ¥1 trillion.

The company has also announced the launch of a new event titled “Beauty Crossing Ginza ~ Ginza + La Mode + Shiseido”. Artwork inspired by the brand’s messages, advertising and products will be on display. The brand’s camellia logo will also be a key focus of the exhibition. The event will be hosted at the Shiseido Gallery, the Shiseido Parlour and the Shiseido Ginza Building and will take place from Friday 8 January through to Tuesday 15 March.

Items on display will include tableware decorated with the camellia logo and a contemporary scroll of 100 camellia figures. The camellia logo has been associated with Shiseido since 1916 when it was added to their brand by the company’s first president Sinzo Fukuhara. It remains a key part of the company’s brand.

Shiseido says the revamp process was inspired by a belief in "beauty as a positive force in the world". A new foundation is expected to be launched in March later this year with an ad campaign fronted by models Enikö Mihalik, Imaan Hammam and Asia Chow.

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