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Spray-On Nail Polish - No More Messy Nails!

November 09, 2015

Image from Nails Inc.

Many cosmetics products have been reinvented many times, and new "innovations" don't pique our interests. However, there are those rare moments where products come up that make us raise our eyebrow and go gaga over. Nails Inc. has created a brand-new nail polish that comes in a spray can!

Although it may seem like a messy ordeal, the polish only adheres to your base coat, and anything on your skin can easily be washed off once the polish dries.

The polish comes in two colours: Hoxton Market pink and Shoreditch Lake silver, and will be launching on November 12th in England, and in Spring 2016 in the US. We're hoping that also means this can of magic will arrive in Canada during that time as well.

We're definitely excited for this innovation and curious to see how well the product performs. What are some major complaints that your customers have about nail polish? If it's messy and time-consuming application, this could be their solution. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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“It was really easy to access and the link in the e-mail was perfect to let me know it was available.”
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